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Reference: DTH-0017

Supplier reference VisionAV-SDI

Datapath 1 channel HD + 1 HD-SDI channel + 1 SD channel, Full Height acquisition card


VisionAV-SDI is a video capture card with three independent capture channels for 3G SDI, DVI and composite video signals, with full analog and digital support.

VisionAV-SDI is a four lane PCI Express card with three video capture inputs: two that support HD capture and a third that supports SD composite video, these three independent video channels can be captured simultaneously. VisionAV-SDI also adds more audio capture channels, which can be synchronized in the software using timestamp with all video capture channels.

The full-height half-length board features a 16-lane mechanical connector with notches that allow it to fit four-, eight-, and 16-lane motherboard connectors.

VisionAV-SDI also adds embedded audio capture from the SDI signal, which can be synchronized with the respective video channel. This card provides balanced and unbalanced analog capture, via an optional audio module ( Datapath AM2)

This capture card provides a single flexible card solution for medical applications, college lecture video capture, web casting and video conferencing.

36 months warranty.

For greater safety and peace of mind, our customers are invited to take advantage of the advance replacement service of Datapath and of the extended warranty. For a modest extra, select products can be protected by our advance replacement service and optional 5-year warranty. For further information write to sales@agmultivision.it

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