VisionSD4 + 1S

VisionSD4 + 1S

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Reference: DTH-0010

Supplier reference VisionSD4+1S

Datapath 1 channel DVI / RGB / HD + 4 SD channels acquisition card


VisionSD4 + 1S offers extreme performance with a transfer bus bandwidth of 650MB / s further improved to exceed 480MB / s of the previous VisionSD4 + 1.

This video capture card has five full video capture channels supporting a single channel for DVI resolution up to 1920x1080 or analog 2048x1536, plus four analog SD capture channels.

VisionSD4 + 1S acquires analog / DVI data and buffers it three times in onboard memory. This data is then copied using DMA to the host system for viewing, archiving or streaming.

When a Datapath graphics card (Image4K, Image2K, Image DP4 +) is used, VisionSD4 + 1S transfers data directly to the graphics card thus increasing performance. The VisionSD4 + 1S capture card sends the relevant parts of each captured image to each viewing channel and instructs each channel to use its own graphics engine to render the data. This process takes full advantage of the hardware and greatly increases performance.

When RGB / DVI data is displayed on a non Datapath graphics card, VisionSD4 + 1S sends the data to the system memory or directly to the graphics card, depending on the software used for the display.

VisionSD4 + 1S is the ideal solution for applications that require simultaneous RGB / DVI source capture with up to four SD video sources. Typical applications include:
- View analog or DVI sources from PC, MAC, medical / industrial equipment, cameras and other video equipment
- Streaming of video applications
- Video wall controller

RGB streaming
For streaming applications, VisionSD4 + 1S can be used with Windows Media Encoder to compress and stream captured video. To play the video, use Windows® Media Player. Any application compatible with Windows® DirectShow technology can use VisionSD4 + 1S thanks to the integrated WDM support.

The DirectX WDM streaming driver supports the following applications to encode, record, and stream video over networks or the Internet:
- Dataton WatchOut
- Microsoft Expression Encoder
- Microsoft Windows® Media Encoder
- VideoLAN VLC
- NorPix StreamPix
- VitualDub
- Adobe Flash Encoder
- VidBlaster
- AMCap and other DirectShow compatible software
For more details, see the Datapath DirectShow SDK documentation provided as part of a typical installation.

Warranty: 36 months.

For greater safety and peace of mind, our customers are invited to take advantage of the advance replacement service of Datapath and of the extended warranty. For a modest extra, select products can be protected by our advance replacement service and optional 5-year warranty. For further information write to sales@agmultivision.it

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