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Dante Nero EasyIP ceiling microphone

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The EasyIP CeilingMIC D Ceiling Microphones with Dante Network Audio provide professional audio quality for superior conferencing experiences.

Main features:
- Dante network audio signal for easy system routing
- Three element array head with LED mute status indicator
- The design allows for a custom length of the drop cable to the ceiling and easy installation
- Built-in digital signal processor (DSP)

EasyIP CeilingMIC D integrates perfectly with most interiors thanks to its elegant design featuring smooth lines and quality acoustic fabric wrapping. These ceiling microphones are a great alternative to a custom installation or classic desktop microphones. Ceiling microphones create a clean look in your conference room or meeting room and they eliminate the clutter of the table. EasyIP CeilingMIC D by Vaddio is also ideal for false ceilings and open ceiling environments.

With a Full 360 degree pickup coverage, an EasyIP CeilingMIC D offers excellent coverage for an average sized meeting table. Allows you to ensure clear coverage of all meeting attendees in larger spaces by adding multiple ceiling microphones: the number of installable microphones is limited only by the availability of the network switch ports. Centrally manage microphone routing and system configuration with free Dante Controller software.

Each EasyIP CeilingMIC D unit offers the performance of three microphone elements integrated in a single suspended container. Each unidirectional cardioid microphone element is equipped with Integrated echo cancellation and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), including equalization, filtering and automatic gain control (AGC). The DSP in the interface box receives the AEC reference from the far end and applies it to individual elements of the microphone, so conference calls are crystal clear on both ends of the conversation. Easily configure and fine-tune your DSP with Vaddio desktop configuration Vaddio .

With its plug-and-play design, installation is as simple as connecting a Cat-5e cable between the PoE port of the network switch and the EasyIP CeilingMIC D microphone receiver. Power, control and audio are all built into the single cable.

The CeilingMIC pendant includes an adjustable 0.9 meter drop cable and with a standard RJ45 jack connection, the pendant can be extended to a total length of 4.6 meters from the interface box.

This package includes:
- EasyIP CeilingMIC D pendant for microphone and interface box
- Fast guide
- 0.9m white or black Cat5e cable
- Ceiling mounting hardware

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