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999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx
999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx
999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx
999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx
999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx

999-60600-000 - EasyIP Tx/Rx


Reference: VAD-0492


Supplier reference 999-60600-000

Video distribution and extension solution that converts an HDMI signal to EasyIP or EasyIP to HDMI


An adaptable video distribution and extension solution that converts an HDMI signal to EasyIP or EasyIP to HDMI. This two-in-one device is designed to offer a simple way to add features and functionality to your EasyIP environments.

Key Features:
- Converts HDMI signals to EasyIP for flexible distribution to EasyIP endpoints OR receives EasyIP signals and converts to HDMI for local viewing
- PoE+ power and compact design enable discreet installation behind displays, under tables, or in AV racks
- Dante, analog, and EasyIP audio routing options
- Intuitive web interface for easy configuration and routing of video and audio streams
- Auto-switching functionality for convenient transitions between different AV sources

A versatile two-in-one device that can be set to either transmit or receive modes, giving installers the power to choose the appropriate mode during installation. In transmit mode, it converts HDMI and analog audio inputs into EasyIP and Dante streams, enabling flexible distribution to EasyIP and Dante endpoints. Conversely, in receive mode, the unit accepts EasyIP and Dante signals over the network and converts them into HDMI and analog audio outputs for local viewing and listening. It supports up to two channels and two flows of Dante. Input HDMI content into a Tx/Rx unit set to transmit and receive it at any number of Tx/Rx units set to receive to create a custom content distribution solution with the number of destinations you need. Need to switch up your system? No problem, EasyIP Tx/Rx units can be reset and configured to either Tx or Rx at any time, protecting your investment and future-proofing your room design.

At the core of EasyIP is AV-over-IP, which transforms complex AV setups by efficiently routing video and audio over the network for easier installs with flexible signal routing. EasyIP now includes multicast, a feature that simplifies providing a single source to multiple endpoints. This enhancement eliminates the need for costly HDMI cable runs and distribution amplifiers, replacing them with category cables and a network switch. With this advancement, the EasyIP ecosystem of cameras, microphones, and endpoints becomes more versatile and powerful than ever before.

For installers, power over Ethernet (PoE+) means easy remote placement without the need for a power outlet. EasyIP Tx/Rx features a compact design allowing it to fit conveniently where you need it, from under the table to behind screens. Enhance an existing EasyIP system by setting a Tx/Rx unit to receive and installing it behind a confidence monitor to display your EasyIP camera signal. Build all-new content distribution systems from the ground up with the same ease.

Using the EasyIP Tx/Rx to distribute content is hassle-free. Connect your laptop to a unit mounted under a conference room table, and let the system do the rest, streaming your presentation to preconfigured endpoints. When you’re done sharing your presentation, simply disconnect your laptop, and EasyIP Tx/Rx endpoints automatically switch to the next source in their preconfigured priority list.

The EasyIP Tx/Rx isn't just about distributing video – it's about enhancing your AV experience. With a streamlined setup for easy integration, it's tailored to meet the needs of our integration partners. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to easy-to-commission multicast systems. Whether you're outfitting conference rooms, a training facility, or digital signage deployment, EasyIP Tx/Rx is your ticket to get AV sources in and out of EasyIP.

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This Package Includes:
- EasyIP Tx/Rx
- 3 ft (0.9 m) HDMI cable, black
- 2 qty 3-position phoenix-style connectors

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