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MasterCue V7

MasterCue V7


Reference: ITS-0179

Supplier reference MCV7

MasterCue V7 Professional Cueing System for Live Events


MasterCue V7 System
MasterCue V7—Our flagship event cueing product, where all connected devices require full control. Ethernet allows for a controlled infrastructure between devices and the connected world of the control room including Companion and its Streamdeck.

Web page for remote access and control of settings. With 6 USB ports to control the graphics machines, you can have multiple main, backup, slides, and video machines on the same LAN with individual setup and control.

Our proven i2Net for multidrop and cable range (1 mile / 1500m) provides a simple connectivity solution for the MCV7 system and the i2Net devices.

Following on and improving the MasterCue legacy.
- Remote RF receivers (x2 for diversity)
- i2LP lamp, for confidence to the user all is working
- i2WB Wired button, you would not use wireless mics without a wired backup.
- Comms 4-pin and 5-pin on hum-free connections.
- 3-Year Limited Factory Warranty

- Universal mains in 100V to 264VAC 30W
- Line out power on i2Net 28V 20W

- USB, i2Net, Ethernet, PoE Ethernet

Dimensions mm (inch) D x W x H and Weight gr (oz)
- Main unit (controller) 110 (4” 5/16) x 225 (8” 7/8) x 115 (4” 1/2), 964g (34oz)
- RF receiver 95 (3” 2/4) x 55 (2” 1/8) x 190 (7 1/2”), 395g (013 7/8oz)
- i2Net Lamp (i2LP) 60 (2” 3/8) x 102 (4” 1/16) x 70 (2” 3/4), 168g (6oz)
- i2Net Wired button 35 (1” 3/8) x 50 (2” 3/16) x 85 (3” 3/8), 114g (4oz)

Accessories Included with the MCV7
- 4 and 5 pin coms cables, Wired button, 2x I2TX-S2 RF Remotes, Confidence lamp, 6 USB cables, Mains cable

Note: you will need your own intercom system fully installed. Note XLR cables are not included as standard.

MasterCue V7 MasterCue V7 has been in design for many years. It has been designed to work with Ethernet systems and it is a requirement of sale that the user/technician understands Ethernet practices. If you do not need Ethernet then look at the MicroCue3 as the V7 will provide a layer of technology you may not need.

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