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Single MC3 with 3 button Next, Back & Blackout with green laser handset

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MicroCue3 (MC3) has been designed for speakers of small and medium-sized events, where reliability in the remote control of presentations via computer.

Thanks to the increasing presence of computers for viewing content, more than one PC can be used to manage a single event, in order to obtain a system that provides for an emergency back-up and the possibility for the speaker to see the next slide to the one on the air, so that he can prepare his speech to fit the next slide.

MicroCue3 has been designed to have greater reliability than its predecessor MicroCue2, in fact in one of the modes of use it involves the positioning of 3 units connected to each other in the network, through the proprietary i2Net protocol with standard XLR cables, so as to create a diversified coverage of the environment, to avoid possible "dead zones" or areas particularly crowded by radio frequencies.

A little LCD display it allows a complete display of texts and graphics to support setting operations and 3 USB ports are available to control as many external computers. The MicroCue3 unit is powered by the computer connected via the USB port; while the use of an optional external power supply allows to power the remote units connected to it through the i2Net network, without the need for connection to a local USB port.

The i2Net protocol was developed for long distances on XLR cable (over 1500m) with power and data on 2 pairs of cables plus data for the LCD display. The automatic sharing of remote controls on the network ensures that they are all recognized and operational; only when the power supply to the main unit fails, the remote controls of the network are "forgotten" and restored to the state before the network connection.

The USB ports can be enabled or disabled individually to manage the control of the related computers connected to them. As far as audio is concerned, the stereo connection via 3.5 mm mini jack allows for output audio tones, corresponding to the Forward, Backward and Dimming commands of the image, which can be heard through a receiver with the volume adjustable from the control panel.

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