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WallControl-10 / Standard
WallControl-10 / Standard

WallControl-10 / Standard

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Reference: DTH-0206

Supplier reference WALLCON10STD

Standard version Dongle license for Datapath WallControl 10 software for advanced video wall management



In order to obtain and show the data in the required modes, in an operating environment where there is a video wall, it is common practice that multiple users need to interact simultaneously with a large number of video inputs, through viewing on multiple displays. WallControl 10 provides users with the user interface they need to quickly and effectively manage content including video capture, IP streams, and local and remote applications. Precise positioning of each individual content can be achieved using a mouse and keyboard, or through WallControl 10's unique Template Tool feature which allows users to place their own content templates across the entire surface of the video wall and apply a template to a single window, so that multiple windows can be grouped together and moved as if they were a single element. WallControl 10 also allows you to save and recall layout files quickly and easily, ensuring that the video wall always shows the correct information. WallControl 10 also features a tabbed interface that allows a single user to manage multiple video walls seamlessly, for example being able to see multiple video walls side by side on the same screen for smoother management.


WallControl 10 allows you to place any portion of content coming from a Datapath video capture card, from an IP video stream via the PC processor, from a Datapath ActiveSQX card dedicated to high-performance acquisition of IP video streams or from local media. Additionally, WallControl 10 allows administrators to deploy multiple video walls from a single Datapath VSN controller. By managing user roles, administrators are able to first determine which video wall the user can access and secondly the authorization level for each user on the network. Restrictions can include the number of video sources and layout files available to each user, which templates they can implement, and whether or not desktop capture is available.


The web interface allows users to connect to the video wall from any compatible browser. If the browser and Datapath video wall controller are on the same network, users are able to connect via the browser on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. Users can select which video wall they want to modify and then the available layouts will be presented. The web interface is compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers. System administrators can also choose which video walls can be accessed via the web interface, offering the ability to disable web access for video walls that are particularly sensitive from a security and / or privacy point of view.


Keyboard and Mouse (KVM) functionality gives WallControl 10 operators the ability to interact with sources from their workstations. In command and control environments, acquired sources can come from unmanned workstations that process data for display on a video wall. With WallControl 10 software, operators can use the local keyboard and mouse to interact with the remote machine. This enables high-quality capture on a video wall, while the KVM functionality is performed locally via an IP-based Datapath agent window.


Advanced web page control gives operators the ability to view and manipulate web pages. Advanced functionality includes automatic web page refresh with one per minute tracking, the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally to position the web page view and a zoom function to focus only on the most important sections of a web page.


WallControl 10 allows a single Datapath VSN controller to independently manage multiple separate video walls located in different locations. Multiple video walls can be set up using the Wall Creator wizard, and each video wall can be assigned a unique set of video sources or resources if required.


WallControl 10 includes the innovative "Drop Zone" functionality. When moving content on the video wall, Drop Zone options will appear giving the user some choices. Initially Drop Zone will allow users to "Create a Carousel", with additional video sources that will increase the play list (playlist) or to "Replace the existing", a function that will replace the old content with a new one.


WallControl 10 allows users to create templates for zoning the video wall. Users can drop the content into each area and the content will automatically fill the template space. Users can also use templates on active windows to create content groups that can be moved, resized and managed together.


WallControl 10 includes the ability to crop video sources from Datapath SQX and Vision capture cards. With an intuitive interface, cropping is performed by selecting the area of interest from a snapshot of the source. You can then save the cutout to make it available for instant distribution on the video wall and as part of a layout file.


In some cases, playing a large number of locally stored media files can be difficult due to processor limitations. However, WallControl 10 has the ability to decode media files using ActiveSQX cards. By assigning media to "Decode via SQX" Datapath and WallControl 10 offer greater scale which allows many media files to be decoded simultaneously from SQX cards. Each ActiveSQX card is capable of decoding 6 Full HD videos or 3 4K 30 videos or a single 4K 60 video using H264 compression.


WallControl 10 allows users to place any content anywhere on the video wall. Content can span multiple screens or multiple pieces of content can be displayed on a single screen. WallControl 10 allows you to receive content from Datapath video capture cards, IP video streams, VNC sources, local video and image files, as well as allowing browser web windows to be opened and positioned on the video wall.


WallControl 10 enables effective decoding of IP video streams using the controller's built-in processor or one or more dedicated Datapath ActiveSQX decoder cards.


- Encode up to 8 IP video streams *

* The amount of processing power available in a system and thus the number of simultaneous streams that can be decoded depends on various factors including any additional applications running on the system. This specification refers to an Intel Corei7 based system with no other active applications running.
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