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Reference: PEE-0483


Supplier reference WSP700

Metal Stud Wall Plate For Use with Peerless-AV Single Stud Arms


No matter what, having more options is a good thing. The WSP7 wall plate provides more options for mounting Peerless-AV’ small, single-stud pivot and articulating mounts. In addition to use with metal studs, the wall plate enables the positioning of the TV practically anywhere across the span of the wall without being limited by gaps between wall studs. Easily open up flat panel mounting options, and get an abundance of usable wall access for even better cable management options. Designed sleeker and with less bulk than previous wall plates, the WSP7 is a universal fit that is easily mounted to any wall stud, regardless of the stud spacing situation.

Main features:
- 2" of horizontal adjustment for additional mount placement options
- For use with SA730P, SA740P, SP730P, SP740P, PA730, PA740, PP730, and PP740 eliminating the need to determine what wall plate goes with what mount
- Max load capacity of 80 lb (36 kg)
- 16" center metal studs

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