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Reference: DTH-0184

Supplier reference VisionLC-SDI

1 channel SDI video capture card


Discrete video capture is now the cornerstone of many small form factor devices used in applications such as college lecture video capture and recording, distance learning, and medical environments. VisionLC-SDI Datapath provides the HDMI acquisition to be used within such applications.

Datapath LiveStream: Capture Datapath allows you to process captured video and send it in real time to a processor or graphics card. VisionLC-SDI supports onboard color space conversion and scaling, providing the ability to efficiently transfer the video signal in a format suitable for rendering or encoding applications. VisionLC-SDI natively supports YUV and RGB formats at 32, 24, 16 and 12bit.

The VisionLC-SDI capture card has been designed for use with application models such as:
- Medical environments
- Simulation systems
- Live events
- Acquisition of PCs and game consoles
- Acquisition and recording of lectures and presentations
- Streaming in real time
It is also possible to insert more than a single card in a system to obtain more acquisition channels.

Due to the nature of the LiveStream architecture: Capture, VisionLC-SDI it is not supported in videowall controller applications that depend on Datapath MultiStream technology.

Based on the Microsoft AV streaming model, VisionLC-SDI inputs can be accessed and enumerated in any application supported by DirectShow or Media Foundation. A video for the Linux (V4L) driver package is also available for download.

Applications tested include:
- Microsoft Media Encoder
- Telestream WireCast
- vMix
- Opencast Matterhorn
- VidBlaster
- OBS Project
- Adobe Flash Media Encoder
- Dataton Watchout

Warranty: 36 months.

For greater safety and peace of mind, our customers are invited to take advantage of the advance replacement service of Datapath and of the extended warranty. For a modest extra, select products can be protected by our advance replacement service and optional 5-year warranty. For further information write to

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