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Reference: CHF-0968-B


Supplier reference CMA348

Anti-vibration isolating coupler for large environments BLACK


The CMA Large Venue Anti-Vibration Isolation Coupler reduces image movement caused by building vibrations such as those generated by heating and air conditioning systems, foot traffic, road traffic and closing doors. The patented design works as a vibration isolator mounted on the projector and connecting two Chief CMS columns (1.5 "NPT) and limiting the vibrations transmitted to the lower column. Its lift can support systems weighing between 15.9 and 45. 4 kg.

Main features:
- Compatible for systems weighing between 15.9 kg and 45.4 kg
- Systems include all weight under the vibration isolator, including column, projector mount and projector
- Average weights of common media include: RPAU (1.8 kg), RPMAU (2.3 kg) and VCMU (15 kg).
- The average weight of CMS columns under 12 "in length is 0.5kg or less.
- Compatible with Chief CMS columns (1.5 "NPT)
- Connect two extension columns; Patented design isolates vibrations transmitted to the lower column to reduce image movement

CMS screw threaded columns

Accessory Type
Column Accessory
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