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Reference: DTH-0277

Supplier reference VSN1182-RPSU

Single E3 Xeon Videowall Controller - 800W RPSU - 32GB RAM - 2x240GB SSD (RAID 1) - Windows10 LTSC - 11 slot x8


Datapath’s nine and eleven-slot video wall controllers have been designed for environments that demand high performance and reliability. The VSN 9 and 11 series systems provide solutions for mission control rooms, defense installations, logistic operations, security suites, and many other command and control applications. The VSN range has been developed to support Datapath’s world-class Vision capture, Image graphics, and ActiveSQX decoding cards. This allows physical and IP video sources to be displayed on medium and large-scale video walls. Operators have the freedom to see any source on single-screen or multiple-screen layouts. Each system in the range of VSNs is available with Windows® 10 to ensure the highest performance available.

The VSN range of industrial PCs includes either a nine or 11-slot PCIe backplane. The switched fabric technology provides high bandwidth Gen3 PCIe slots. Each slot is capable of delivering high-resolution bandwidth from a range of capture cards to multiple outputs. The VSN range is highly customizable. Systems are available with a 7th generation Intel® Core i7, single E3 Xeon, or high-performance dual E5 Xeon processors. Systems are available with either 240GB or 480GB SSD drives and up to 128GB of memory. To maximize airflow, the 4U chassis has been custom-designed to allow more air into the system. This keeps temperatures low and reduces fan noise.

The VSN systems are available with Windows 10 in the following variants: 1. VSN972 / 1172 - nine or 11 slot system with an Intel® Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and dual 240GB SSD drives. The VSN972 is available with ATX or RPSU power options. The VSN1172 is RPSU only. 2. VSN982 / 1182 - nine or 11-slot system with a single Xeon processor, 32GB of RAM, dual 240GB SSD drives, and an RPSU power supply. 3. VSN1192 - 11 slot system with dual Xeon processors, 64GB of RAM, dual 240GB SSD drives, and an RPSU power supply.

Datapath’s VSN video wall controllers have been designed for use in demanding control room environments. Each component has been rigorously tested to ensure high levels of performance and reliability. For added peace of mind, systems can be pre-installed with Wall Monitor software. Wall Monitor is an application that warns operators if a system begins to function outside of normal parameters. Alarms can be set to indicate changes in voltage and temperature.

The Datapath VSN 9 and 11 series wall controllers are compatible with the Windows 10 LTSC operating system.

The table below lists some of the ideal video and capture cards for this Controller. For more information on the individual cards, click the link of the card of your interest to access the relevant page, otherwise follow this LINK.

Card code Description
Image4K Video card with 4 HDMI 2.0 outputs with 4K UHD resolution
Image2K Video card with 4 HDMI 2.0 outputs with mixable resolution from Full-HD to 4K UHD
VisionSC-UHD2 Capture card with 2 HDMI 2.0 4K channels
VisionSC-DP2 Capture card with 2 DisplayPort 1.2 4K channels
VisionSC-HD4+/H Capture card with 4 HDMI channels
VisionSC-HD4+/D Capture card with 4 DVI channels (adapters included)
VisionSC-SDI4 Capture card with 4 3G-SDI channels
VisionAV-HD Capture card with 2 HD channels and one SD channel
VisionSD8 Capture card with 8 SD channels
ActiveSQX Multi-channel decoder card up to 12 streams 1920x1080@30fps
ActiveSQX2 Multi-channel encoder/decoder card up to 12 H.264/H.265 streams 1920x1080@30fps

Unless otherwise specified, all products are supplied with the latest software version available. Special requests or more updated versions may be requested by sending an email to

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