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Reference: HTC-0507

Supplier reference GC-HDPI-USB

USB power injector for Javelin cables


GC-HDPI-USB includes a pass-through HDMI adapter that can be connected indifferently to either end of the HDMI cable, to insert a + 5v line current (pin 19 of the HDMI connector) from an external USB 5v power supply.

Typically, according to the specification of the HDMI standard, the 5v output present on the HDMI connector should supply at least 50ma of current to the connected device (sink). However, some video sources do not supply enough current (or the 5v output may decrease as the source takes in excess). Some devices that turn on based on the signal and current on the port, such as video selectors, video distributors or HDMI amplifiers / equalizers, rely on the 5v from the source to provide the necessary power. So if you have an HDMI video source that is not able to offer enough current on its HDMI output for this type of device, the GC-HDPI-USB inserter can supply 5v from an external power supply to the cascaded device.

The adapter does not supply any current independently, but only carries that of the external USB power supply connected to it.

It is recommended to connect the adapter and cable before inserting or turning on the power. Can only be used with certified 5v USB power supplies. Any damage to cascaded devices resulting from the use of incorrect voltage or excessive power is the responsibility of the user. The 5v output is only active when the external power supply is connected.

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