Reference: HTC-0483

Supplier reference CA10217

EMX-AMP and EMX-I-AMP to x2 RS232 DB9 terminal block cable


This cable connects the RS232 output of the powered HDBaseT receiver UHBX-R-PSE to the RS232 input of the amplifier EMX-AMP (or EMX-I-AMP) and from the RSR232 output of the same to the video projector. It is used to control the internal functions of the EMX-AMP such as volume adjustment or mute insertion and release. The additional connection from the RS232 output of the EMX-AMP to a male 9-pin RS-232 connector can be used to control the switching on and off of a video projector. The RS-232 command output from EMX-AMP can be activated based on the RS232 command input, the detection of the video signal or, in the case of using the EMX-I-AMP model, based on the Telnet commands or the ON / OFF of its internal Graphical User Interface.

Note that the RS232 output connector on the cable is DB9 male (9 pin). If the projector has a female DB9 connector, you can connect the cable directly; some projectors have RS232 ports with a particular interface type 6-pin MiniDin female connector, in this case you will need a DB9 Female to MiniDin6 Male adapter, which is available commercially. For any doubts regarding RS232 connections please contact us.

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