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ASO - Datapath Advance Swap Out Service X series

Reference: DTH-0290

Datapath Advanced Replacement Service for Multi-Display Processor X series


Advance replacement service in case of Datapath failure. This only applies to some products, ask for a quote to

Datapath offers an advanced replacement policy on its multi-display devices (Fx4, Hx4). This service is available with a supplement of 10% on the purchase price of each device. To achieve this, please speak to your representative when purchasing.

This option is only available on new systems and must be formalized in advance at the time of the initial purchase. The policy is valid for the same duration as the warranty period. The standard warranty is 3 years. An extended 5-year warranty can be purchased, on certain products, at the time of the initial purchase, further details can be found here: warranty.

In case of problems with the installed Datapath device, please contact Agmultivision Support first using the standard methods (E-mail, Web, or Phone) and follow the instructions provided by the support team. This will allow us to determine if the device is at fault or if there is another underlying problem that we can help you resolve.

If the device is determined to be defective and requires a replacement, Agmultivision will issue an RMA number and verify that the device serial number is in the advanced replacement system. At this stage, we are committed to dispatching the replacement card within 10 business days.

Upon receipt of the replacement unit, it is mandatory to return the defective device, at Agmultivision expense, using the prepaid shipping information and packaging provided. The device must be returned within 10 days of receipt or you may be charged for replacement *.

If further problems occur, it is necessary to work with the Datapath and Agmultivision support team to analyze and resolve them.

This policy only covers Datapath multi-display devices (Fx4, Hx4) under Datapath standard warranty terms.

For more details please contact our sales department.

* Each replacement unit will be accompanied by an invoice, these invoices will not be considered if we manage to receive the card within the 10 days indicated above.

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