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Reference: HTC-0563


Supplier reference CHD-SF01

HDMI cable 30 cm. SnugFit 18 Gb / s UHD 60Hz


The cables Self-blocking HDMI Hall Research CHD-SFxx provide a 18G bandwidth to carry 4K60 video signals and are designed for critical applications where a reliable HDMI connection. Normal HDMI cables do not allow the connector to be fixed and can be disconnected by applying a force of just 90 grams. SnugFit ™ cables use spring-loaded protrusions on the top and sides of the HDMI connector to increase the force required to disconnect the cable. The upper tabs are positioned so that they snap into the slots in the compatible mating connectors, providing a tactile and audible feedback of a correct connection. Although technically they do not provide a positive locking mechanism, SnugFit ™ cables offer additional gripping force that prevents accidental disconnection.

SnugFit ™ cables are available in lengths from 30 cm. at 7.5 meters.

- Provides 18Gb / s to support 4K UltraHD 60Hz video
- Available in 30 cm length. at 7.5 meters
- Increases the retention force and ensures a solid HDMI video connection
- The elastic tabs at the top correspond to the slots in the mating connectors
- Provides tactile and audible feedback

Cavi HDMI SnugFit

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HDMI Cable
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