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Reference: HTC-0648


Supplier reference HT-HIVE-NODE-IR

Versatile Infrared (IR) Device Control


The Hive-Node-IR marks another powerful addition to our Hive Node Kits. Offering one-way control of an array of devices including displays, projectors, media players, and cable/satellite receivers, this kit is every bit as capable as its Hive-Node-Relay and Hive-Node-RS-232 siblings.

This kit boasts a PoE-powered Hive-Node-Mini, which can connect to a single IR emitter or a tri-port. The tri-port is a versatile addition, capable of connecting to three IR emitters. When used in tandem, each emitter can send discrete commands to three different devices, making multi-device control simple and efficient.

Visual feedback in the form of the emitter blinking during command transmission aids troubleshooting during the integration process. To further enhance its functionality, the Hive-Node-IR offers access to an extensive database, featuring hundreds of IR device drivers. This allows for control of a vast array of displays, projectors, and media players, thus ensuring the kit's versatility. The Hive-Node-Mini incorporates a built-in IR sensor that enables IR learning. This feature, coupled with a PC utility, simplifies the process of learning codes.

The Hive-Node-IR works integrate easily with the Hive Touch control panel and Hive KP8 control keypad. When used in conjunction with the Hive-Node-Relay and/or Hive-Node-RS232, it completes a comprehensive control solution capable of handling a multitude of applications.

Its compact design allows easy concealment and installation in any location, making it a discreet but potent addition to your control setup. With the Hive-Node-IR, you get a control solution that is not only versatile but also scalable to fit the unique requirements of your project. It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to user-friendly, innovative, and efficient solutions.

Main features:
- Part of the acclaimed Hive Node Kits lineup for versatile one-way device control
- Compatible with a variety of devices including displays, projectors, media players, and cable/satellite receivers
- PoE-powered Hive-Node-Mini included, connecting to a single IR emitter or tri-port
- Tri-port connects to three IR emitters for discrete control of multiple devices
- IR emitters blink during command transmission for visual feedback and troubleshooting
- Hive-Node-Mini features a built-in IR sensor enabling IR learning and comes with a learning utility and code converter
- Integrates effortlessly with Hive Touch control panel and Hive KP8 control keypad
- Compatible with Hive-Node-Relay and Hive-Node-RS232 for a comprehensive control solution
- Compact design for easy concealment and installation
- Scalable solution to fit the unique requirements of diverse projects

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