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MultiDisplay Videowall processor with HDCP - version with 3G-SDI outputs

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Datapath Fx4-SDI - Multidisplay processor for videowall. It supports complete correction of the monitor frame both in height and in width for any type of display. Ideal for generating the overlap area of edge-blended projectors. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. Splits a single 3G SDI (1080p / 60 or equivalent up to 148.5MP / s) or DisplayPort1.2 (2160p / 60 or equivalent up to 616MP / s) or HDMI1.4 (2160p / 60 or equivalent up to 297MP / s) input ), in four independent 3G SDI outputs (1080p / 60 or equivalent up to 165 MP / s). It allows the connection in cascade of several units via DispalyPort 1.2 and remote control and programming via TCP / IP. Genlock entrance. Supported SMTPE SDI standards: SMPTE ST 2048 up to 60Hz, SMPTE 274M up to 60Hz, SMPTE 296M up to 60Hz. 36 months warranty.

Datapath Wall Designer is the perfect solution for creating and managing an entire Videowall project. Created to work smoothly and directly with Datapath x4 and Fx4 multi-display controllers, Wall Designer allows designers to select the exact make and model of the monitors used by being able to organize and orient them on a virtual canvas. After selecting the required source and resolution, a series of x4 processors can be added to the project ready to be configured automatically.

Datapath Wall Designer can be downloaded for free here:
- Windows version: WALL DESIGNER 3.0.1 WIN
- Mac version: WALL DESIGNER 3.0.1 MAC


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