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HDMI H.264 Full-HD Gigabit Encoder

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The HHD264 family of LAN encoders and decoders offer unprecedented power and ease at the same time to distribute one or more HDMI sources to multiple displays over any LAN. Up to 64 independent transmitters can be connected to 256 receivers at the same time in the network. A network infrastructure with Gigabit (1000 BaseT) transmission speed is recommended to allow a maximum of 64 transportable video streams; the system also works at 100 BaseT speeds but with fewer video streams.

The video is transmitted in Full-HD resolution (1080p @ 60) using the latest H.264 encoding scheme with user definable bit rate. To get a perfect Full-HD image it uses a frame rate of 15 Mbps, otherwise in HD (1080i or 720p), it uses a frame rate of 12 Mbps. However, if the content is largely static (sequence of images or slides show), the user can set a lower data rate to save bandwidth while maintaining a high quality image.

Bi-directional RS-232 data signals are also added to the transmission of HDMI video and audio signals. Video routing from sending devices to receivers can be pre-assigned (via the multi-cast dip-switch group), but the system can also behave like a dynamic Virtual Matrix Switch ™. Therefore, if the routing signal from the transmitters to the receivers is set as fixed, the installer can set the dip switches to direct the senders to any single receiver or group of receivers. However, users can select the source displayed on any receiver in the system (dynamically). This functionality is performed by accessing the WebGUI via the IP address of each receiver, or by using the Hall Research Dynamic Virtual Matrix ™ software which allows the user to re-route signals to all receivers from a central screen simply and conveniently.

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