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999-9560-001 Cisco Codec Kit for OneLINK HDMI to Cisco Cameras




Vaddio OneLINK HDMI Extender to Cisco Precision 60 Camera

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Cisco Telepresence SX20, SX80, or C-Series codec kit with Cisco Precision Series cameras

More flexibility in room design and installation
Tailored to Cisco codec systems and compatible with most Cisco Precision Series cameras, this OneLINK codec kit offers greater freedom of choice for camera selection and equipment placement.

- Greater flexibility in camera and / or codec positioning - independent of codec position
- HDBaseT interface extends power, video signals and remote control up to 100 meters allowing Cisco systems to be installed in larger environments
- Plug and play usability
- Intuitive browser-based user interface for system configuration and administration

When connecting a Cisco Precision 40 or PrecisionHD 1080p2.5x camera to a OneLINK HDMI extender, a Cisco CAB-PHD4XS2-SPLIT cable is required. When connecting a Cisco SX20 codec to a OneLINK HDMI extender, you will need the same Cisco CAB-PHD4XS2-SPLIT cable. This cable is not provided in this kit and must be purchased through the Cisco commercial network.

Package Includes:
- OneLINK HDMI interface
- OneLINK HDMI EZIM with mounting screws
- Wall mount (black) for camera with mounting hardware
- Fast guide
- 48V power supply with AC cable set
- 30cm black Cat-5 cable.
- 90cm black Cat-5 cable.
- 30cm Cat-5 directional cable. for Cisco PrecisionHD*
- 30cm Cat-5 directional cable. for Cisco SX20**
- 30cm HDMI cable.
- 90cm HDMI cable.
- Camera power cable from EIAJ-04 to 5.5x2.1 30 cm.
- EZCamera RS-232 control adapter
- EZCamera RS-232 control adapter 998-1002-232 for Cisco serial 9-pin ports codec

* To connect a Cisco PrecisionHD 4xS2 camera, you need the Cisco CAB-PHD4XS2-SPLIT cable not provided in this kit
** To connect a Cisco SX20 codec, the Cisco CAB-PHD4XS2-SPLIT cable not supplied in this kit is required