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BbR 2U1P
BbR 2U1P
BbR 2U1P
BbR 2U1P

BbR 2U1P

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Reference: ITS-0138

Bb Rack DI box with 1 PC and 2 USB BAL BOX


Bb Rack or BbR is the new adaptation in 19 "rack configuration for 4 DI boxes by Interspace Industries . In this configuration it allows the housing of 1 PC BAL BOX and 2 USB BAL BOX in a single rack unit. The creation of BbR came directly from the request of customers who regularly use our DI boxes and who needed a pipratic solution to collect more units in the same space. BbR also allows you to always have the DI boxes within reach in a single location, making their location easier and more immediate. Occupying only 1 rack unit, BbR fits easily into any technical cabinet, taking up very little space and offering an effective solution for the needs of eliminating audio interference. Since each type of event can have different needs, BbR can be purchased in 12 different configurations. Dimensions: (LxWxH) 70x483x44 mm. Weight: 865 g. 3 years RTB warranty.

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