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Reference: HTC-0488


Supplier reference U22-160

KIt USB 2.0 TX + RX extender with 2 ports Hub


The U22-160 kit extends the signal of a host PC USB 2.0 port over a single Cat-5e / 6 cable up to 50 meters away with a data rate of up to 480 Mb / s.

In most cases no power supply is needed for both the transmitter and the receiver, as the local unit (host) receives power from the PC and sends it to the remote unit via PoC (Power-over-Cable). In any case, the package includes a power supply that can be connected to the receiving remote unit, as some USB devices are “hungry” for electricity. The receiver has a built-in 2-port hub that allows the connection of 2 separate USB devices. UU22-160-DP is the perfect solution for industrial and professional applications.

This product can be used with a wide variety of USB devices, such as webcams, printers, keyboards and hard drives up to 50 meters using Cat-5e / 6 cable.

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