Reference: HTC-0206

Supplier reference U97-ULTRA-2B

Console extender kit (TX + RX) Dual-Display VGA, 1x RS232, 6x USB up to 150 meters over UTP cable


Extender kit (TX + RX) for signals: Dual-Head Video Card, Audio, RS-232, and 3 independent USB ports on triple Cat6 UTP cable up to 150 m. (100 m. With Cat5 / 5e) - Includes 2 "Direct" USB ports (DR1 & DR2) and a third port with 4-port USB hub in the receiver - Built-in EDID allows the PC to detect the display even if not connected to the receiver . Built-in noise correction on both video channels - Built-in test video signal generator for long cable compensation adjustment and video noise correction - Amplified audio feed-through on transmitter and receiver for direct connection of passive speakers - 110 ~ 240 VAC power supply incorporated.

These products include a rack-mountable transmitter unit and a wall-mountable receiver.

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