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Reference: HTC-0336


Supplier reference CIR-KIT-EMT2

IR emitter cable with cover, compatible with VSA-51, UHBX-P1, UHBX-S-COM, UHBX-P2 and IRCNT-16


CIR-KIT-EMT2 is an IR emitter cable with 3.5 mm mono connector equipped with a black rubber coating with adhesive surface and a cavity for the head of the IR emitter. It is ideal for situations where it is necessary to limit the IR rays only to the sensor of the receiving device (such as the IR sensor of a set top box or a TV).

3.5mm mono connector pinout:
Tip = Anode (+)
Ring = Cathode (-)
This cable is compatible with Hall Research models: VSA-51-R, UHBX-P1, UHBX-P2, UHBX-SC-WP, IRCNT-16 and many more.
Note: This emitter works with virtually all Hall Research products that have a 3.5mm IR output connector.

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