Credit card

We accept the most common credit cards through Banca Sella's GESTPAY platform. When paying by credit card, no supplement will be charged. For all credit cards you must enter the CVV2 code otherwise the order is canceled. For Visa, Mastercard and Diners credit cards the CVV2 corresponds to the last 3 digits found on the back of the card, while for Amex credit cards the code is 4 digits and is found on the front of the credit card.

Please note It may happen that, after entering the credit card data and the CVV2, an additional code or some specific data is also requested. This is because some banking institutions require a specific procedure to enable the use of the credit card online. To find out how to enable your credit card for on-line purchases or to find the code to enter, you must contact your bank directly.

When the credit card details are entered, only the authorization to spend on the credit card is requested from the bank. In some cases the banks notify the customer by sending an SMS. Receipt of the text message is NOT indicative of the card charge but only of the blocking of the ceiling necessary for the purchase. The actual charge on the credit card takes place only when the products are shipped. AGMULTIVISION confirms the entrustment of the order to the Courier by sending a text AGMULTIVISION and an email to the addresses indicated by the Customer in the order itself: only at this time the amount is charged to the credit card. The order paid by credit card before being entrusted to the Courier, could be subjected, directly with the relative bank, to a "verification of authenticity" (verification with which the actual ownership of the credit card is ascertained).

In the event that an "authenticity check" is activated, the customer will be notified by AGMULTIVISION via e-mail.
This verification requires on average:

  • 24 hours for orders placed with Visa and Mastercard credit cards;
  • 2 Working Days for orders placed with credit card of the Amex and Diners circuit for an amount exceeding € 400.00.

If the bank communicates to AGMULTIVISION any irregularity relating to the credit card used, AGMULTIVISION proceed with the cancellation of the order by giving contextual communication via e-mail.