PayPal is an online payment system that involves opening an account with PayPal.

By choosing this method, after clicking "send order", you will be redirected to a page on the PayPal site where you can enter the e-mail and password of the Paypal account in order to pay for the order.

For each transaction performed with this method, a confirmation email is sent from PayPal. The amount of the order is debited from the PayPal account at the time of the order.

AGMULTIVISION confirm the assignment of the order to the Courier by sending an email to the addresses indicated by the Customer in the order itself.

The order paid with PayPal, before being entrusted to the Courier could be subjected, directly with PayPal, to a "verification of authenticity" (verification with which the effective ownership of the PayPal account is ascertained).

In the event that an "authenticity check" is activated, the customer will be notified by AGMULTIVISION via e-mail.
This verification takes on average 2 working days.

If PayPal communicated to AGMULTIVISION any irregularities, AGMULTIVISION proceed with the cancellation of the order given notification via e-mail.

In case of cancellation, the amount will be refunded to the customer's PayPal account.

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