DVI video extender


Video Connection Type
Video Standard Compliance
Maximum Extension Distance
Extended Signals
Extender Kit
Wall or Panel Mountable
HDCP Standard

DVI video extender 

  • HLR-0021

    DVI extender with power supply allows the repetition of a DVI signal with copper cables up to 15 meters in input and...

    € 118,00 VAT excluded Disponibile
  • HLR-0033

    DVI-D Single Link extender kit (TX + RX) on double CAT5 / 6 cable with integrated EDID management

    € 912,00 VAT excluded Disponibile
  • HLR-0035

    DVI-D Single Link UD2A-EDID Extender Receiver on Double CAT5 / 6 Cable with Integrated EDID Management

    € 416,00 VAT excluded Disponibile
  • HLR-0034

    DVI-D Single Link UD2A-EDID extender transmitter over double CAT5 / 6 cable with integrated EDID management

    € 631,00 VAT excluded Disponibile
  • HLR-0303

    DVI-I / HDMI extender with integrated EDID management

    € 279,00 VAT excluded Disponibile
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